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Dropping GNOME Classic from the default install


I think we should drop GNOME Classic from the default install for
Ubuntu GNOME 13.04. I added it for 12.10 because I figured it didn't
take too much space and would be a nice feature for those that like
the old style.

Now that GNOME is removing "fallback" support from
gnome-settings-daemon and elsewhere for 3.8, I think it's likely that
GNOME Classic won't exist in the next LTS, Ubuntu 14.04. I think that
if we continue to ship it by default that we'll give users a false
impression that GNOME Classic is supportable in future releases.

Users who like the classic style should either continue with Ubuntu
12.04 LTS, or use GNOME Shell extensions to get a similar feel. See
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/685744 for some of the discussion about
those extensions.


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