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Re: Vital that "Ubuntu Gnome" gets own PPA


> On 25 November 2012 00:56, Britt Yazel <bwyazel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > "Decisions about what goes into
> > the PPA are made with the intent of providing the best possible GNOME
> > experience while not breaking Unity integration." and this is precisely
> my
> > point. The "Ubuntu Gnome Remix" does not need to worry about breaking
> Unity
> > integration, as there is no Unity to break.

You make sense here. As an independent distro, we don't have to worry about
unity breakages. The issue here is that most of the people (if not all)
behind Ubuntu gnome are indeed Canonical employees. They will always be
concerned about unity breakages. More than that, we are not really an
independent distro. We are still (not yet official, though) part of the
ubuntu umbrella of distros and are still influenced by decisions at
canonical etc. As the project matures and more independent people take
significant roles within the project we might move towards better

Also as Jeremy said (I presume it true), these people are already doing a
lot of work right now and are really busy. At this stage, maintaining a
separate ppa, is an unnecessary overhead for them.

> Today, I backported gnome-control-center 3.6 from raring to the GNOME3
> > PPA.

This is great news. I thought you guys are busy working on the raring
nowadays and really did not give much thought about the quantal-ians. I am
so happy to see these maintenance/backporting. And for me, GCC was one of
the main disappointments in UG12.10.

> As far as Kubuntu's PPA go, the one big thing we could do is to have a
> > staging PPA where packages bake for a few days before being pushed to
> > the main GNOME3 PPA

Yes, indeed. This will surely help in better testing etc. I am hopeful that
there will be a subset of us who are willing to do the testing with staging
ppa. Also, I think it would be better if significant changes like the
availability of GCC 3.6 accompanied an official announcement within this
mailing list (assuming Gnome 3 PPA as officially part of our distro) or
somewhere else where it is more apt (a one liner would do).

Justin Joseph

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