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Re: Abiword/Gnumeric or LibreOffice in GNOME Remix?


On 4 December 2012 13:03, Lance <lbsolost@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I honestly don't see why any real size constraints need to apply once
> we've crossed the 700 MB threshold. I seem to recall Ubuntu itself setting
> an arbitrary limit when they passed the CD limit but I really don't see why?
> I suppose it's possible that too much bloat could increase the
> installation time but I recently tested Mint with Mate and the DVD was
> nearly 1 GB but the installation time was still below 30 minutes.

There are other factors involved here.
1. There is a large part of the world were internet is still a luxury (at
least broadband). People don't like to download/install a DVD distro with
unecessary applications/bloat and waste their bandwidth.
2. There are a lot many 1gb drives. We should aim to fit into that (with
space reserved for save files after reboot).
3. We should also have space for update etc. within the live media and use
it as a distro from usb. With our last alpha, the installer was not
working. An update was released shortly after but my 2 gb drive had not
enough space to update/upgrade and install using that media.

Justin Joseph

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