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[Fwd: [Bug 751068] Re: Installation dates of applications not localizable on the details page of installed applications]


Hi Team!

FYI: Die neu nach dem UI-Freeze hinzugekommen Zeichenketten (ein paar
Dutzend – obwohl ich eigentlich nur 2 neue wollte ;-) für das Ubuntu
Software-Center (wie auch dessen Dokumentation) habe ich gerade alle
übersetzt bzw. übernommen, korrigiert, angepasst.

Die 2 Zeichenketten, um die es mir ging, sind jetzt auf alle Fälle in
das deutsche Datumsformat umstellbar, was ich bereits gemacht habe.
Siehe weitergeleitete E-Mail und den von mir gemeldeten Fehler, auf den
darin verwiesen wird.

Gekauft am %s      → Gekauft am %d.%m.%Y
Installiert am %s  → Installiert am %d.%m.%Y


Dennis Baudys

      email: thecondor@xxxxxxxx
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Prüfer im deutschen Ubuntu-Übersetzer-Team

  launchpad: ~thecondordb

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Thanks Robert and Gary!

That was fast. I just found these two changed strings (as well as a
bunch of other new strings) for software-center (as well as software-
center-doc) in Launchpad and translated them all (to German). As soon as
I've tested the new localized (German) strings, I'll let you know here.

With kind regards

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of the bug.

  Installation dates of applications not localizable on the details page
  of installed applications

Status in “software-center” package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  Binary package hint: software-center

  In the Ubuntu Software Center (e.g. for the Natty alpha/beta) …

  On the details page for an installed application the installation date
  (on the top left within the horizontal bar) is not displayed in a
  localized fashion but always like YYYY-MM-DD. Please see the attached

  This date should be formatted by placeholders like %Y, %m and %d
  within the translatable string number 214 [1]. But in the original
  english string there is only one placeholder %s which makes it
  impossible for us translators to localize the date. This makes it hard
  for (e.g. German) users to read that line in a proper way. The correct
  date formatting for e.g. German would then be: %d.%m.%Y

  Please correct the original string (e.g. insert single placeholders
  for the year, month and day).


  [1] https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/software-

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