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[Fwd: Re: Natty language pack update testing]


Hallo Team!

FYI: Im Anhang eine weitergeleitete E-Mail, aus der zu entnehmen ist,
dass sich die (automatische bzw. semi-automatische) Auslieferung der
aktualisierten Sprachpakete für Natty verzögern wird – auch wenn diese
bereits erstellt wurden. Über das PPA können Sie jedoch schon (manuell)
gezogen werden, wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe.


Dennis Baudys

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They won't be release this week. The plan was made before we realized
that this week would be the UDS, where all Ubuntu developers are
really busy. We are working to try and have the testing period simply
be one week delayed, but it all depends on whether we can find a
developer to push the lang packs to -proposed.

I or David will write back here when that has happened.

Regards Kenneth

2011/5/11 Reşat SABIQ <tilde.birlik@xxxxxxxxx>:
> natty-proposed doesn't have any language pack updates as of now, but they
> appear to have been built:
> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-langpack/+archive/ppa
> My understanding is these packages will be pushed to -proposed soon,
> although they can be installed from the ppa now as well.
> In any case, i've tested the updates. If language pack updates are going to
> be released this week, please release Crimean Tatar (Crimean Turkish)
> language pack updates (test page has been updated as well).
> Thanks.
> 10.05.2011 23:31, Reşat SABIQ yazğan:
>> I tried  testing language pack updates from natty-proposed, but i haven't
>> found a single package for a single language that was built after 04/21. I'm
>> concluding that language pack updates have not been built, and have not been
>> pushed into natty-proposed. Am i correct, or am i missing something? Does
>> this mean not a single language will get any language pack updates this week
>> even though this was on the schedule? Was this a glitch, or did all
>> languages miss a deadline for this week's scheduled update?
>> If there's been a glitch, could somebody please build all relevant
>> language packs and push them into natty-proposed? Could we then still manage
>> to push language pack updates from -proposed to -updates?
>> Thanks.
>> 10.05.2011 02:59, Tseng, Cheng-Chia yazğan:
>>> Chinese (Traditional) needs to update the LanguagePack too.
>>> There are some mistakes which noise the users a lot. We would like to
>>> have an update as soon as possilbe.
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