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[Fwd: Precise Beta Freeze now in effect]


FYI: Beta-Freeze in Kraft. Und auch Freeze-Ausnahmen.

Siehe E-Mail im Anhang.


Dennis Baudys

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Dear Developers,
   Beta Freeze[1] now in effect (Thursday, March 22nd).

   All uploads to the archive and any user user interface
changes will now have to be approved manually by the release 
team.  Some may be staged in -proposed before being copied 
into the release archive, at the discretion of the release team.

   The documentation team and translation teams will also need to be
notified of any further User Interface changes. 

Dear Documentation writers, 

   The one large piece that hasn't landed, and will impact the
interfaces is unity 5.8.0 and some dependent pieces [1].  Since
this is after freeze, we'll be using our new staging area, and 
uploading it to -proposed (hopefully tomorrow), and then moving it 
over after its checked out.   You may want to look at taking 
screen shots from the version in proposed, or their PPA, or wait 
until it lands in the release. 

Thank you for your cooperation,  

on behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team.

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BetaFreeze
[2] https://launchpad.net/unity/+milestone/5.8.0

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