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Re: Call for testing: langpack updates for 20.04.2


Hi Gunnar!

Thank you very much for the reply and thoughts on this.

I'm sorry that those strings slipped by. It's not the end of the world if the German language pack cannot be included in the 20.04.2 release.

The new language pack is good enough to be released, however the strings I mentioned (especially in snap-store-desktop) could make it a bit easier for Ubuntu beginners (that only speak German) to get new software. Some examples of those strings that I just translated a few hours ago in snap-store-desktop:

Menu item:

"Sign In"


"Devices and IoT"


Additional to that I corrected several strings in that package related to rpm-ostree, especially regarding plugins and multi layered packages. Mainly bad grammar, harmonization of wording, some typos and only very few plain wrong translations.

I think updating the German language packs soon after the release of 20.04.2 would be great ("good enough"), if possible.

No worries, no stress.

Thanks again and Best Regards,

Dennis Baudys

Am 28.01.21 um 00:40 schrieb Gunnar Hjalmarsson:
Hi Dennis!

On 2021-01-28 00:04, Dennis Baudys wrote:
I just finished testing the German translations. Unfortunately there
were dozens of strings not yet translated in snap-store and minor
errors in the German translation elsewhere.

These should be OK now!

Could you please re-do the German language pack?

Well, due to the time schedule, redoing it before the 20.04.2 release would be difficult. Not moving it to focal-updates, and with that stay with the current language packs, would be possible though.

However, what you mention (the presence of untranslated strings and some badly translated strings) does not sound to me as a reason to keep the German language packs off from focal-updates. Or would you say that using the new language packs would be worse than keeping the old ones?

One thing we can do is updating the German language packs soon after the release of 20.04.2, so the latest efforts make it to the users as package updates.

What do you say about that?

Btw. I cannot edit the page


to sign German translations off.

It doesn't matter since we don't ask for explicit confirmations this time.

Dennis Baudys

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