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Re: Call for testing: langpack updates for 20.04.2


Hi again,

On 2021-01-28 01:13, Dennis Baudys wrote:
The new language pack is good enough to be released,

Ok, good, then let's release them.

however the strings
I mentioned (especially in snap-store-desktop) could make it a bit
easier for Ubuntu beginners (that only speak German) to get new
software. Some examples of those strings that I just translated a few
hours ago in snap-store-desktop:

Menu item:

"Sign In"


"Devices and IoT"


Additional to that I corrected several strings in that package related
to rpm-ostree, especially regarding plugins and multi layered packages.
Mainly bad grammar, harmonization of wording, some typos and only very
few plain wrong translations.

I think updating the German language packs soon after the release of
20.04.2 would be great ("good enough"), if possible.

Then let's do that *in addition to* moving the currently -proposed packages to -updates. The procedure is explained here:


So can you please submit a bug in accordance with that instruction, and we'll get to it soon.

No worries, no stress.

Heh, no worries here. :) Thanks for the heads up!

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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