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Re: ubuntu MANUAL translation into GREEK [ a few final corrections]


Hi Emmanuel!

El llunes, 24-mayu-2010 a les 13:49 +0300, Μανόλης Νίνος escribió:
> Dear John Xygonakis    [Greek Ubuntu manual translation editor],
> The Greek translation is pretty good, at least this is my overall
> impression,
> so we can congratulate ourselves on this good work.
> There are still a few problems, though:
> 1. the glossary is missing from the pdf of the Greek translation
> 2. the index is missing from the pdf of the Greek translation
> 3. the creative commons public license was included, but it is in
> English, which is something useless to a Greek who doesn't speak the
> foreign language (pp. 159-165). 
> I suggest we omit it and only mention the license URL.
> [I will try to make an index tomorrow and send it to you as soon as
> possible.]
> The glossary may take longer.
> Maybe, we could publish a first version with the index in a couple of
> days,
> and later on publish a second version with the glossary???

Glossary and Index are automatically generated from source. You don't
need to make it by hand.

However, I'm having some trouble to generate the glossary in my language
(asturian), possibly due to installing, uninstalling and poor knowledge
of TeX Live. It looks like some font or character in my language is
preventing to properly generate it. Perhaps such thing is happening with
greek characters?

Last (but not least) CC License may have serious legal issues if it's
just translated without checking against local laws. Our team was always
letting it untranslated to avoid such kind issues. By the way, now we
have a translation made by a local group of law experts, and we'll use
it in the Manual for the first time ever :)

Kind regards


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