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Re: ubuntu MANUAL translation into GREEK [ a few final corrections]


Στις 24 Μαΐου 2010 1:49 μ.μ., ο χρήστης Μανόλης Νίνος <epninos@xxxxxxxxx>έγραψε:

> Dear John Xygonakis    [Greek Ubuntu manual translation editor],
> The Greek translation is pretty good, at least this is my overall
> impression,
> so we can congratulate ourselves on this good work.
> There are still a few problems, though:
> 1. the *glossary* is missing from the pdf of the Greek translation
> 2. the i*ndex *is missing from the pdf of the Greek translation
> 3. the creative commons public license was included, but it is in English,
> which is something useless to a Greek who doesn't speak the foreign language
> (pp. 159-165).
> I suggest we omit it and only mention the license URL.
> [I will try to make an index tomorrow and send it to you as soon as
> possible.]
> The glossary may take longer.
> Maybe, we could publish a first version *with the index* in a couple of
> days,
> and later on publish a second v
> Last (but not least) CC License may have serious legal issues if it's
> just translated without checking against local laws. Our team was always
> letting it untranslated to avoid such kind issues. By the way, now we
> have a translation made by a local group of law experts, and we'll use
> it in the Manual for the first time ever :)ersion with the glossary???
> Don't bother ! The problem is fixed. Don't create any glossary, index.
Everything is in place now!
And the license is translated too! This week major bug fixes have been made.

> 4. The following minor spelling / printing/ style errors should be
> corrected now:

I've almost completed the job Emmanuel.

*Xuacu*, contact godbyk on the irc channel #ubuntu-manual on freenode. I'm
sure he can deal with any kind of issues with latex.


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