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Re: Ubuntu extra documentaion library (Working title)


Hi Luke,

On Thu, 2010-06-17 at 23:00 +0100, Luke-Jennings wrote:
> I am sure that yelp is able to understand lots of formats how ever, I
> see the program as software centre for documents. Also in the future I
> would like it so that locos can add custom feeds, similar to adding a
> ppa. I am not really sure how that feature would work yet.  Sorry to
> write the same thing in two different e-mails.

Could you clarify the "software centre for documents" concept, please?
If I understand correctly, documents would be presented to the user as
distinct, downloadable entities. What advantage would this have over,
say, linking the documents into the existing desktop help where
appropriate? To me, the second approach seems better, as it would feel
more seamless to the end user. They wouldn't have to worry about
browsing through lots of different documents to find the right material
- they'd just get a link in an appropriate place.



Phil Bull

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