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Re: Ubuntu extra documentaion library (Working title)


Hi Luke,

On Thu, 2010-06-17 at 22:51 +0100, Luke-Jennings wrote:
> > It would be better to extend the existing infrastructure. Yelp is
> > capable of displaying web pages. Have you considered making some
> > modifications to help.ubuntu.com so that is can provide the "library of
> > files" that you're thinking of? We could then display that in Yelp (or
> > any other browser, on any other platform).

> I am happy to add the information that would be displayed to
> help.ubuntu.com. I see the program as software centre for documents and
> the ability for it to be updated through out the life time of the
> version of ubuntu. Is is possible to update help.ubuntu.com regularly as
> we wish? Also in the future I would like it so that locos can add custom
> feeds, similar to adding a ppa. I am not really sure how that feature
> would work yet. I have not yet worked out how to get yelp to view
> help.ubuntu.com how do I go about doing that/is that possible?

If we changed things around a little, we could figure-out an easy way to
update help.ubuntu.com regularly. We'd probably have to patch Yelp to
get it to display help.ubuntu.com, however. It shouldn't take much,



Phil Bull