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Cover page for Maverick


We need to figure out whether we want to design a new cover page for each
cycle, or just update the same one each time. My personal opinion and
original vision was to have a new cover each time, to differentiate the
separate books, keep the style updated as the Ubuntu theme and branding
develops and it also gives us something fresh to show off each time.

When people see a new cover, they associate it with something new, a new
book. If we just update the old one and keep using it, we'll lose that
excitement - people won't know whether it's the same old book, a new book,
or a new edition.

Editions should keep the same cover because they're just revisions to the
same book.

Bearing in mind that aubergine is for commercial and orange is for
community, I feel we should have something bolder and more prominent - like

While that uses aubergine, we can use Ubuntu orange as the most prominent


Benjamin Humphrey


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