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Donation button on new website, $1.00 profit on printed books to cover team costs


Hey guys,

The domain renewal for ubuntu-manual.org is coming up soon, can't
believe it's been a year since I registered it. I think it works out
around $30 NZD for me to get. We also have the Quickshot one each year

To help pay these costs, and perhaps hosting, I was thinking it would
be a good idea to have a paypal donate button on our new site that
daker has been working on.

Also, I was considering putting a $1.00 overhead on the price of the
printed book, to further add to covering our team costs. The book is
already only $9.00 or something, so making it $10.00 isn't going to
make a huge difference for the people buying it, but 30 copies sold
might cover a domain name every year.


Benjamin Humphrey

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