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Re: Wake up Project !


I can answer a few of these.

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 12:57 PM, Ryan Macnish <nisshh.ubuntu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yep, i have noticed the lack of progress and direction too.
> Ok, to get an idea of where we are at:
> Is the title page done?


> Is all the new content written?


> Are the credits ready?


> What is going on with Quickshot? Are we ready to take the screenshots?

I don't know.

> Are we ready for writing freeze?


And to address John's questions of 'who's in charge?', the answer is,
unfortunately, 'no one'.

For this release, many of the 'core' members who were around for the
first release have been absent (for a variety of reasons), and aside
from Chris Woollard, I don't think anyone's stepped in to fill those

To anyone who's interested in helping out, the easiest thing to do is
grab Chris' draft of the manual, select a chapter, sit down in front
of Ubuntu 10.10, and start reading through that chapter and filing a
bug for anything that needs to be changed.  If you're interested in
making the changes yourself, you can include your suggestions in the

If you prefer to edit the files directly, we can help you get started
there, too, of course.


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