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Re: TeX Live and Maverick; when will the Natty manual begin?


Hello, Patrick.

On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 8:09 PM, PatrickDickey <pdickeybeta@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I signed up to be an author, and the page is talking about how Lucid
> doesn't use the proper version of TeX, so you have to uninstall it.  I'm
> currently on Maverick, so my question is "Do I still need to uninstall
> and use the upstream version of TeX?"

The Maverick packages are still missing some of the TeX packages that
we require. So you'll still need to install TeX Live from upstream.
The current version is 2010, but the same instructions will install
2010 as written.

> Also are people currently working on manuals for Natty, or will the
> project wait until it's at least in a "Beta" stage before starting?  My
> personal suggestion is that if we know some portions of Natty are
> already finalized (in the Alpha), then we need to at least begin a rough
> draft of the manual (knowing that we'll have to fine-tune and change
> things as it gets closer to RTM).

We're still finishing up the Maverick edition and haven't started on
the Natty edition yet.  We typically wait until after the feature
freeze to start writing so we have a better idea of what the final
release will actually look like. (We have been affected by changes
that land post-feature freeze, too, unfortunately.)

It never hurts to start making a list of the changes we can expect or
should look out for in the upcoming release, however. It makes it
easier to organize the writing once the feature freeze rolls around.

--Kevin Godby