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Question or error on the Get started as an Author/Editor Page


Hello there,

On this page http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved/authors  under the
Downloading and Configuring bzr, you say that you should run bzr whoami
"Your name <email@xxxxxxxxxx>" then bzr whoami to verify that it
registered.  Then you create a Projects directory, and cd ~/Projects.
Next, you're supposed to run bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual.

When I did this, in that order, the first thing bzr returned (before it
started downloading files) was "You have not informed bzr of your
Launchpad ID, and you must do this to
write to Launchpad or access private data.  See "bzr help launchpad-

I'm not sure if this is a required step for the ubuntu manual project or
not, but if it is, you may want to provide steps on doing this.  I
realize that it's one command "bzr launchpad-login username", but it
would be good to have it in the instructions.

Thanks, and have a great day:)
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