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Re: Not happy at all


Hi Danilo,
It's unfortunate that the `fuzzy' feature of gettext is not supported
in LP, and there have been previous discussions in the manual team
about what to do, but there's no really good solution as it is.
Perhaps we should really just turn fuzzy translations into suggestions.
It wouldn't be a big deal for us, but:

  1. people *will* mistakenly approve suggestions which look almost the
same (imagine someone fixing a typo of a missing "not" in a long
documentation message: I will bet you that most people will not notice
the "not" and will just approve the existing translation); this is a
problem even with offline translation, but Launchpad makes it very easy
to make this mistake for reviewers
I do not know anything about the technical side of this, but wouldn't it be possible to highlight strings that are slightly different? In Lokalize, for example, strings that are fuzzy are shown in italics.
From a translator's point of view this would be a good solution.