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Re: \ or \\


Op 25-01-11 01:04, Kevin Godby schreef:
Hey, Hannie.

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 9:17 AM, lafeber-dumoleyn2
<lafeber-dumoleyn2@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Latex code is preceded by "\" e.g. \marginnote{}, but when I edit in gedit
another "\" is added.
Does it make any difference if there is "\" or "\\"?
It does make a difference.  While the source file for LaTeX will have
\marginnote{}, the po file has to double each backslash so it would
appear as \\marginnote{}.

If you're editing the po files directly, then you'll see the double
backslashes.  In Launchpad, it handles the doubling behind the scenes.

Hi Kevin,
The problem is as follows:
I have merged manual-lucid and maverick into a new file. When I open this file in Lokalize (or gedit) every code is preceded by \\ (green). When I copy a whole paragraph/string from Lokalize to Launchpad, I see \\ in Launchpad too. I do not think this is correct, as you explained here. Does that mean I have to change all \\ to \ manually in LP? By the way, I am still experimenting to find out what is the best way to transfer all the translations from Lucid to Maverick (or Natty in the future). This copying (from Lokalize) and pasting (in Launchpad) is NOT how I want to do it because a) it's a lot of work and b) the name of the original translator is lost.

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