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Re: Kindle version ....


On Sat, 2011-04-23 at 20:23 +0300, Vytautas Bačiulis wrote:
>  It's possible to generate HTML instead of PDF, however I can't remember 
>  which LaTex package does that.

I've got it and tried it.  It generates good html.  When converting from
html to mobi, Calibre sometimes gets images in the wrong place.  If it's
posssible for me to get the LaTex source for the manual from somewhere,
I can play around.  Quite a bit of LaTex seems to be in perl scripts, so
it might be possible to make a few tweaks.  

If the LaTex file is available, please let me know where to get it.

Regards,		Barry.
Barry Drake is a member of the the Ubuntu Advertising team.

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