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Re: Oneiric branch and PDF


Thanks a lot, Kevin. I have installed the oneiric branch on my computer.
>From now on, when I make changes, I will do so in this branch.

Op zaterdag 17-09-2011 om 18:57 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Kevin

> Hello, everyone.
> I've created an oneiric branch and set it as the development series on
> Launchpad.
> I've also built an initial PDF and uploaded it to
> <http://crocodoc.com/fZ0oK2R> for easy markup/editing.  Note that I
> haven't altered anything but the version number on the title page yet.
> (I'd suggest not passing the URL around too much yet until we have a
> change to at least edit all the version numbers and get them up to
> date.)
> --Kevin

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