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Re: [Ubuntu Manual] What's left ?


Hello all,

Troubleshooting chapter has available the following sections if you are
interested in writing them:

*Ubuntu isn't working properly on my Apple Macbook
*Ubuntu isn't working properly on  my Asus EeePC
*My Hardware isn't working properly
*Getting more help

Also Kevin got up the latest PDF [1], which contains all the chapters and
sections (even those that were in LibreOffice form) and also many fixes.

So you can review, proofread, and comment the book... just visit [1] !

[1]  http://ubuntu-manual.org/proofread/gswu1110/en

The book is in pretty good shape now -it's not the final version though!-.
At the moment our main focus is to proofread the book in order to assure
that the final version won't contain any bugs/typos. Feel free to share
this draft with others who are interested in contributing.

Thank you for your time !

c7p @ #ubuntu-manual

2011/11/6 Kevin Godby <godbyk@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello.
> I've uploaded the latest PDF:
>  http://ubuntu-manual.org/proofread/gswu1110/en
> You can access the previous draft (number 4) via the direct link:
>  http://crocodoc.com/Oog1F8n
> --Kevin