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Re: Screenshot highlighting


On 05/16/2012 07:21 PM, Andrew Montag wrote:
I think it may be useful to highlight portions of screenshots. We could
put an orange oval around text or a button, or maybe blur or grey all
but one section of the screenshot to draw the readers attention to it.

One could perhaps differentiate between
- marking an area
  - by framing
  - by modifying everything outside the area
    - lower contrast
    - change of brightness
    - discoloration
    - blur
- pointing to an element

To highlight things like the folder/side-bar of Thunderbird, marking the entire area would be appropriate.

To highlight a specific icon in the Launcher, an arrow could work well.

In all cases, repeating just the area of interest in a cropped image, maybe scaled down if it is large, placed right next to the associated text, would be an alternative.

For all styles that add sharp elements on top of the screenshot, using SVG should be considered. Ideally the vector graphics would stay vector graphics in the PDF.

The design of 1 or 2 highlighting methods should be based on concrete needs. Do we have examples where a form of highlighting would be of advantage?

Thorsten Wilms

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