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Re: U1 section advice: mobile apps and other services


Op 20-05-12 22:24, Andrew Montag schreef:
A am writing about Ubuntu One and was wondering:
Would it be good to include screenshots of the mobile (Android/iPhone) apps for Ubuntu One?
If yes, should anything else be discussed about the apps?
Or is are the mobile apps outside of the scope of this project? My plan was to mention where to download them and just briefly tell they can do, but would like other input.

Regarding the contact sync and music streaming (music streaming is a paid service) services, should they be discussed at all? In my personal opinion, they are not terribly useful services, but I can certainly write on them if need be.



Just my opinion:
Refer to the mobile apps download site and spend a few words on this (no screenshots), like you suggest. Personally I do use the Ubuntu One contact sync. I think it is a good service. As for the music streaming, I would only spend a few words on this.