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Re: Fwd: Re: Authors/editors chapter 2


Thanks for your quick feedback Kevin.

With regards to 11.10 vs 12.04, we then have an 11.10 reference in the desktop section (that's the only reason I thought of mentioning it in my email after my commit...because I saw it in the manual, but realized I was running 12.04. I'll make sure I find it and "promote" the reference) in my next edits.

The explanation of application and menu tags make complete sense. This weekend, I'll align all the tags so they are accurate (in the desktop section anyway).

On , Kevin Godby <godbyk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello, Jim.

On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 8:13 PM, Jim Connett jimandmarcy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I just finished some sizable edits to the Desktop chapter--starting at The

> Dash and going all the way down to just before the Nautilus section.


> I'll do my best to complete the grammatical edits from the Nautilus section

> to the end of the chapter by tomorrow evening.

Great work – thanks!

> One thing that's going to take me a bit of getting used to is knowing when

> words get the application tag, or the menu tag, or any other tag.

> Specifically, the use of the term "the Dash" and "Launcher"...the tags are

> inconsistent right now. I think once I redo the make file, I'll see the

> results and probably understand what needs to be done, but any advice,

> recommendations, links, etc. for this newbie is of course much appreciated.

The application tag is used to denote the name of an application –

that is, a program that the user runs. I don't think that term

probably applies to the launcher, the dash, and other persistent Unity

elements. (I'm open to counter-arguments, though. My opinion isn't

particular well-founded here.)

The menu tag is used to denote the names of pull-down menus and menu

items (eg, File, Edit, View, Print).

The other tags typically refer to specific UI elements (buttons, check

boxes, etc.).

The style guide at http://files.ubuntu-manual.org/style-guide.pdf>

has a list of all our LaTeX tags and their uses. If you find anything

in there to be unclear or missing, let me know and I'll get it fixed.

> I'm also going to need to install 11.10 on a virtual machine before I can

> offer screenshots in the Desktop chapter...I'm running 12.04.

The current manual is for Ubuntu 12.04. We've already published the

11.10 edition.

> Finally, because there were so many changes, I did not "document" them as

> well as needed (or probably as expected/required by the group). There were

> a couple of points where Hannie had made recommendations to review the

> section...or paragraph...or sentence. I reviewed it, fixed it, and deleted

> the comment. Other than that, very few comments were inserted as to what

> changed. I figure if someone really wants to see the changes, then 'bzr

> diff' ! :)

You shouldn't have to leave comments behind in the source files. In

fact, I generally recommend against littering the source files with

comments. Comments may be used as kind of a "note to self" for authors

and editors. There's no need to document everything that's been

written, edited, etc. – that's what the bzr commit messages are for.

> Thank you for this opportunity. Those of you who are edition know it's hard

> work...it'll get easier with time, but I'm very thankful to have the

> opportunity to contribute back to the community in appreciation for what

> I've received over the years of being an Ubuntu enthusiast.

We're glad to have your help! Writing and editing a manual is indeed

a lot of hard work. And on top of that, we have to learn to use LaTeX,

bzr, and other tools – certainly not an easy task!

Thanks again for your help and let me know if you encounter and

problems or have any questions.


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