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GUI for Bazaar


I originally posted this message as a reply to one of the threads here.
But I realize that some people probably aren't following the threads, if
they don't apply. So I wanted to repost it here as a main topic for
discussion.  When I first started with the project, John recommended
this as a potential option for handling the Bazaar stuff.

There used to be a GUI called Ground Control, but the developer hasn't
released a version for Ubuntu 12.04 or later yet. He's sitting in a
chatroom on Freenode (IRC) #groundcontrol) right now. And he's looking
for people who are willing to help him work out the bugs in 12.04.

If you're interested in using it (it's similar to Bazaar Explorer and in
some cases easier to use, IIRC), subscribe to the Question located here:
https://answers.launchpad.net/groundcontrol/+question/198521 and feel
free to come into the chat.  A simple "I'd like to see this and will
help get it working" comment will get you subscribed (and let him know
that there are others interested).

Have a great week.:)

P.S. As of the sending of this email, the chatroom is open, and
DoctorMon (Martin Owens--the developer) is in there.  Here's another
link to the chat, for those not familiar with IRC.