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Feedback: Current status of your sections


Hello authors,

i want to apologize for not being able to serve as much as i wanted the
past 2 weeks but my schedule was very tight.
I hope from now on till 20 of Sep. to have enough time for the project.

Ubuntu 12.10 has freezed its features, this means that if you got latest
updates from 12.10 you can be sure that nothing will change. In plain words
: safe period for writing documentation.
By the way beta 1 version is to be released in 6 hours.

Feedback is very important, the A and Z for a successful project and an
Ubuntu Manual series.
Some authors are students and don't have time to work "full-time" these
week, others maybe have very strict schedule. Some new authors maybe don't
know how to start.
All these are okay, just send me or -better- to the mailing list a message,
each week or more often, with your concerns and the current status of your

Let me know if you need a second hand to help you, more instructions or

Thank you for your time, have a wonderful day !


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