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Spanish translation of the Ubuntu Manual finished


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Hi at all,

in the last days the translation of the Spanish version of the Ubuntu
Manual was finished. Congratulations to the Spanish team!
Yesterday I exported the po file from Launchpad and tried to build the
manual. I found some syntax errors which I fixed by some new
suggestions. So a team member of the "Ubuntu Spanish Translators" team
should review them to make them active.

What are the next steps before the Spanish version can be published?

- - Translate the strings of the file "um-spanish.clo" in the attachment
and push it to the bazaar branch [1] or send it back to the list.

- - Create a Spanish version of the titlepage. Use the titlepage-en.svg
[1] as template for it. Create a PDF file, too, and push both files to
the bazaar branch [2] or send it back to the list.

- - Create all screenshots in Spanish language and push them to the
bazaar branch [3] into a new directory named »es«. For the right
picture settings have a look to the Ubuntu Manual style guide [4]. In
a discussion here on the list [5] we came to the conclusion that a
real name as user name for the screenshots is better as "Ubuntu User",
so choose a name which you normally use in Spain as a place holder
name [6].

I hope I did not forget something. If so, please correct me. :-) If
the Spanish version of the Ubuntu Manual is ready it can be published
to the Ubuntu Software Center like the English version, too.

Greetings, Carsten

[4] http://files.ubuntu-manual.org/style-guide.pdf
[5] https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/msg03482.html
[6] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_placeholder_names_by_language

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% Spanish-specific options for the Ubuntu Manual

\ProvidesFile{um-spanish.clo}[2012/09/22 v1.0.0 Spanish-specific options for the Ubuntu Manual]

% Define translated macros
\renewcommand{\revisionnumbercaption}{Revision number}
\renewcommand{\revisiondatecaption}{Revision date}
\renewcommand{\commandlineappheadword}{command line}
\renewcommand{\titlepagecaption}{Title page}


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