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Re: Spanish translation of the Ubuntu Manual finished


Hey, Carsten.

On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 10:43 AM, Carsten Gerlach <daswaldhorn@xxxxxx> wrote:
> in the last days the translation of the Spanish version of the Ubuntu
> Manual was finished. Congratulations to the Spanish team!

That's great to hear!

> Yesterday I exported the po file from Launchpad and tried to build the
> manual. I found some syntax errors which I fixed by some new
> suggestions. So a team member of the "Ubuntu Spanish Translators" team
> should review them to make them active.

Once these are done, let me know and I'll pull the latest .po file and
build the PDF and check out some other things.

Many translation teams will translate all of the text and then have us
build a draft PDF to aid them in proofreading.

> What are the next steps before the Spanish version can be published?
> - - Translate the strings of the file "um-spanish.clo" in the attachment
> and push it to the bazaar branch [1] or send it back to the list.

I usually just ask them which style of dash they prefer—this one – or
this one.  The code for the \dash macro is a bit scary looking and I
wouldn't ask the translators to make sense of it.

> - - Create a Spanish version of the titlepage. Use the titlepage-en.svg
> [1] as template for it. Create a PDF file, too, and push both files to
> the bazaar branch [2] or send it back to the list.

For the cover, it's best if the translators just send us the
translated text. Thorsten Wilms and I will handle creating the cover.
We had to adjust the dimensions a bit to account for the size of the
manual (number of pages).  So the translators don't need to (and
probably shouldn't) create their own cover – just make sure that we
have the translated text.

> I hope I did not forget something. If so, please correct me. :-) If
> the Spanish version of the Ubuntu Manual is ready it can be published
> to the Ubuntu Software Center like the English version, too.

Carsten, you should also generate a Spanish version of that
translation test file I sent you the other day and have the Spanish
translators verify that everything is correct.  If there's anything
amiss, we'll need to fix it on our end.

After all of that has been done, I will fix any minor layout issues in
the manual  (e.g., margin notes that run off the end of the page or
overlap captions) and generate a final draft PDF and send it to the
Spanish translation team for review. Once they've signed off, I'll
publish the manual on our website, lulu.com, and the Ubuntu Software


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