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Re: Spanish translation of the Ubuntu Manual finished


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I hope it’s ok for you, that I reply to the list.

Am 22.09.2012 21:53, schrieb Jose:
> I was aware of the syntax errors and in fact I had already fixed
> them locally but still had to upload them, because there are some
> other issues I wanted to clarify. One of them was the cover, that I
> didn't know how to translate it. :)

This should be clear now after Kevin’s email. Tell the text and he and
Thorsten will create the cover.

> I had already started to capture the snapshots (there are about 20
> missing so far), and I hope to finish them in one or two days. I
> wasn't aware of the new user name to be used, so I followed the
> instructions I found, and the original English captures seemed to
> match them.

Well, the "new" user name in the screenshots is not a law, only a good
recommendation. I think a real name in this pictures is clearer for a
newbie Linux user than a "Ubuntu user".

> One of the issues that I have to check is that, even being able to
> generate the pdf file, the compilation returns a error = 1. The
> manual seems to be complete, and the English version returns the
> same error, so I thought it could be caused by a wrong set up of
> the compilation environment.

Yes, it sounds like that. How did you set up your TexLive? If you
follow the instructions at [1] you should get a working environment.
If not, don’t hesitate to write to the list. Maybe you could provide
the output of your make run here, too?

> I also noticed that the glossary terms looks like being links in
> the text, but when clicked nothing happens. I though that the
> previous error could caused by something being wrong with the
> glossary (the English version I compile behaves the same than the
> Spanish one).

Sure, if you get an error during the make run, the links in the PDF
will not be complete. After fixing this errors you get an working PDF. :-)

Greetings, Carsten

[1] http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved/authors

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