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Quickshot on Ubuntu 12.04 (haven't tried this on 12.10 yet).


I started playing around with the source code from Quickshot, just to
see whether it would install and run in 12.04.  What I found is if you
install quickly, python-wnck, and python-babel before you try 'python
setup.py install', it installs (you might have to run python setup.py
build first though). However there are a couple of caveats to this.

1. You have to download the release branch lp:quickshot/release NOT the
quickshot development branch (lp:quickshot), otherwise install fails
because some of the required files are missing from that branch.
2.  When you run the python setup.py install, it must be ran as sudo,
otherwise it doesn't install.
3.  There are a LOT of files that it warns you about.
4.  Quickshot doesn't run. It gives an error when trying to create the

So, as of right now, the status is it installs, but doesn't run due to
it not being able to find certain files. I don't know if the binary
installer works (if there ever was one) or not.

My question is, is it worth the time to find out why it can't find the
missing file(s) or have we completly abandoned the project? I'm not a
python developer, but I could probably muddle my way through finding out
if it just isn't installing the file(s), or if they are missing from the
branch.  Also, it should be noted that Luke Jennings is the only person
allowed to upload to the release branch.

Have a great day:)

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