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12.10 Ubuntu Desktop edits done


Just completed, committed and pushed Chapter 2 edits to lp. Edits are all in rev 56. A couple of observations/questions:

--screenshots in this chapter still show a username of "Ubuntu". Not sure where we landed on what name was to be used. Not sure if current screenshots are correct in this regard. But I DO know we have a screenshot team. Yeah! :) --Ubuntu 12.10 includes amazon.com search results. Do we want a screenshot showing this? --Can someone please tell me what the little birdy lens is for? Hovering over it gives me no tool-tip. I've googled it trying to find what this does, but I've found nothing, and the search bar in Dash gives me no clues. I assume it's for social networking? Maybe twitter? I've written "social networking" into the manual for now. If someone can let me know the official name, I'll make this edit. -- Hannie, I didn't pay too much attention to the HUD section as there appears to be a comment at the top from you about needing to incorporate updated HUD information from any author who was sending you this information? Are we now good to edit this section? Or shall I wait until this weekend?

As a sidenote, I still don't have a good feeling in my tummy with the phraseology we are using to identify the Dash. Sometimes, we are using the article "the" in front of Dash...other times, not. I can argue both sides of this equation and arrive at no conclusion, however, I think we should be consistent...either consistently one way, or consistently the other.

So I believe this concludes my assigned edits for this edition. Please let me know if there are any other sections needing another set of eyes. I'll be happy to read through them if requested.


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