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Re: 12.10 Ubuntu Desktop edits done


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Am 24.09.2012 23:25, schrieb jimandmarcy@xxxxxxxxx:
> --screenshots in this chapter still show a username of "Ubuntu".
> Not sure where we landed on what name was to be used. Not sure if
> current screenshots are correct in this regard. But I DO know we
> have a screenshot team. Yeah! :)

Which screenshot do you mean exactly? I see only on
»06-user-group-settings.png« a user name »Ubuntu«. We will fix this,
when the final freeze of the GUI is done.

> --Ubuntu 12.10 includes amazon.com search results. Do we want a 
> screenshot showing this?

You mean the new icon on the Launcher by default? This will included
also in the updated screenshots. If you want to explain this feature
more in detail, feel free to do so.

> --Can someone please tell me what the little birdy lens is for?
> Hovering over it gives me no tool-tip. I've googled it trying to
> find what this does, but I've found nothing, and the search bar in
> Dash gives me no clues. I assume it's for social networking? Maybe
> twitter? I've written "social networking" into the manual for now.
> If someone can let me know the official name, I'll make this edit.

If you make a right click on the dash icon you see the »official« name
»Social« for the bird symbol. So you was right with your suggestion.

Greetings, Carsten

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