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Re: 12.10 Ubuntu Desktop edits done


The screenshot in Chapter 6 is one that I pointed out in an earlier
email. Since this wasn't the final revision, I haven't retaken it yet.
But I'll do that before the final revision is out.  Also, I wasn't able
to get a picture of Rhythmbox showing an Android phone because it always
comes up as "USB Storage Device 16GB" on my virtual machine. I'm not
quite ready to wipe a physical computer out and install the beta, so I
don't think I can get it.

Have a great day:)

P.S. When do the final screenshots need to be in? Depending on the
timeframe, I may wipe my laptop, and install 12.10 on there.

On Tue, 2012-09-25 at 18:11 +0200, Carsten Gerlach wrote: 
> Hi,
> Am 24.09.2012 23:25, schrieb jimandmarcy@xxxxxxxxx:
> > --screenshots in this chapter still show a username of "Ubuntu".
> > Not sure where we landed on what name was to be used. Not sure if
> > current screenshots are correct in this regard. But I DO know we
> > have a screenshot team. Yeah! :)
> Which screenshot do you mean exactly? I see only on
> »06-user-group-settings.png« a user name »Ubuntu«. We will fix this,
> when the final freeze of the GUI is done.
> > --Ubuntu 12.10 includes amazon.com search results. Do we want a 
> > screenshot showing this?
> You mean the new icon on the Launcher by default? This will included
> also in the updated screenshots. If you want to explain this feature
> more in detail, feel free to do so.
> > --Can someone please tell me what the little birdy lens is for?
> > Hovering over it gives me no tool-tip. I've googled it trying to
> > find what this does, but I've found nothing, and the search bar in
> > Dash gives me no clues. I assume it's for social networking? Maybe
> > twitter? I've written "social networking" into the manual for now.
> > If someone can let me know the official name, I'll make this edit.
> If you make a right click on the dash icon you see the »official« name
> »Social« for the bird symbol. So you was right with your suggestion.
> Greetings, Carsten
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