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Dash search data and Chapter 2


Well, I was hoping that the discussions this weekend would lead me to be
able to land on a definitive statement in Chapter 2 regarding the
"querying" of Dash search data in both local (computer) as well as remote (
amazon.com) sources. Unless I've really missed the conversation, it seems
to still be a point of contention...how the user will control this access,
will the user have complete or just partial control, or what will the final
state of this "feature" be with the release of 12.10.

I don't see a timeline for the release of the 12.10 version of this manual
(the schedule would, in my opinion, be good to publish as a shared
spreadsheet...I've found a lot of value in being able to refer to the
author/editor sheet over the last few weeks), but my position right now is
that we wait to see what the final release looks like. Then, within a day
of 12.10's release, we can have a modified...and true/accurate...statement
about the Dash's reach, and how to control it.

At this present time, while we do have some insight into the developers'
work in this area, any statement on our part would be conjecture until the
final product is released.

...unless, of course, someone can find a definitive source stating what
12.10 will hold with regards to the Dash's capabilities.

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