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12.04 MS Translated manual


hi guys, I'm one of ms translator. need to know further regarding your
emails to one of our members as paste below

"As a member of the Ubuntu Manual team I contact you because I noticed
that the Malaysian translation of the 12.04 version is finished. Great
job! I have just downloaded the po file and I will see if I can already
generate the pdf file from it. From experience I know that finding
errors is the hardest job of all. And making localized screenshot can be
quite time consuming.
We have several experienced team members who can help you with this.
On http://ubuntu-manual.org/

and in our style guide you find
instructions for translators. Our team is always willing to help. You
can use our mailing list or contact one of the team members. You find
the names of active team members in the English version of the manual.
If you are not the right person in the team to contact, would you please
forward this email to the one whom I should contact?
Thank you all for translating the manual."

*So, *what exactly need to be done by us? from my understanding is, a pdf
version will be created by you then we will need to find any errors and
creating localize screenshot. am I right?

Thanks guy, looking forward foryour reply. Have a nice day :)

my launchpad id: https://launchpad.net/~sh00j13n

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