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Re: 12.04 MS Translated manual


On 12/14/2012 05:11 PM, Susah Sebut wrote:

          **So, **what exactly need to be done by us? from my
          understanding is, a pdf version will be created by you then
          we will need to find any errors and creating localize
          screenshot. am I right?

Congrats to your translation team !

You are right on what you've said before. Also the Editor of your translated edition, will have ensure that everything is ok with your translated pdf. With okay i mean check that margin notes are in possition, see that all references work, fix any glossary or index entry etc. Then or in parallel with the editing effort, the Editor will have to contact Kevin, to see the very last things that remain before the release of the translated manual. So at this stage you (as team) need someone to be the Editor of your translated edition, and help him do his job.

Let me know if i've answered your question.

Have a great day !