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Re: Gwibber/Friends


On Mon, 2013-04-15 at 15:49 -0500, Kevin Godby wrote: 
> Per this bug <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/+bug/1169299>
> Gwibber is not available in 13.04 and the Friends app is not installed
> by default.
> I've already removed the microblogging section from the manual. There
> are a couple mentions of Gwibber in the
> working-with-ubuntu/using-instant-messaging.tex file that we should
> take a look at.
> (I guess this means the 'social from the start' theme of a previous
> version of Ubuntu no longer applies!)
> —Kevin

Hopefully they'll get the friends-app installed by default either in
13.10 or as an update to the 13.04 installer. How much additional work
would it be to include some brief instructions on installing Gwibber (or
friends-app) in the Instant Messaging section?

Have a great day.:)

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