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Re: Review of Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.04


This review is interesting reading stuff.
We haven't done much with it so far, so I want to draw attention to it once more. If we follow the advice we need to do some reshuffling in Saucy. If one of you wants to do the authoring of Prologue (and epilogue), please add your name to the spreadsheet (1).

(1) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApS28NMLnYJXdEdGQjRtUWtaOUZxREVzUldSOU5kc2c#gid=0

Op 25-08-12 09:49, Kevin Godby schreef:
Hello, everyone.

Robin Catling (of Full Circle) has written a nice review of our manual:


I recommend reading it and thinking about what we can/should do to
improve our manual based on this feedback.

If anyone has seen other reviews of our (recent) manual, feel free to
post them to this thread. It'd be nice to get an idea of what people
think we do well and how we could improve.


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