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Stepping down as Author Coordinator


 Hey guys,

i'm happy that we start rolling for the next release from now.
I think that we achieved something important all these years, a successful
project that lasts.
Since the 11.10 series i am author coordinator, a role that i like very
much and from which i have tried to do the best for the project.

Being author coordinator is highly demanding and consequently very
time-consuming. You have to be always there for the project, and your
Recently, i joined a university team that designs, manufactures and run a
single-seated racecar.
I think that this team will give me the opportunity to do something really
cool, that i won't be able to do in the rest of my life probably.
So it's a "Now or never !" moment.

I don't know how much time i'll have to spare on the Ubuntu Manual and i
don't want to hold the project back in any case.
I love the author coordinator role very much, but above all i love the
project and its people, you, a great community.
So i think for the best of the project someone else should take this role,
and coordinate the authors and help them get started.

I don't want my relinquishment disrupt the project and next series so i' ve
started contacting project members that are highly active
and that in my opinion are appropriate for the role. I've contacted Cartsen
Gerlach and Jim Connett, although i had others in mind too (Patrick,
Jim seemed very interested and with a great appetite in contributing as an
author coordinator.

I recommend you Jim Connett as author co-ordinator for the next series.
We are an open project so if there are any objections it would be
constructive to be heard.

Finishing i would like your being honest with me and criticize me as being
author coordinator.
I want to know what i did right and mainly what i did wrong, hoping to
improve myself.
Please be honest even if you think that your comments would be offensive,
i'l take it as honest criticism.

Thank you for your time, have a great day indeed!

ps: I'm not leaving the project :), but I won't be as active as i was.
So apart from role nothing changes between me and the project, hoping to
prove that in practice :)


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