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Re: Quickshot 2.0 - Creating a PPA



> Hey,  Thomas.
> The CC licenses aren't the best to use for code.  I'd choose an Open
> Source license instead.

I will change it when I finish the application. 

> Also, you shouldn't need a PPA until you're ready to release the
> finished application.

Oh. Alright. I didn't know if I should set it up first or not.

> Have you looked at the existing Quickshot stuff yet?
> https://launchpad.net/quickshot
> http://ubuntu-manual.org/quickshot

And I have not looked at the Quickshot stuff yet. 

Also, don't expect a lot for this release of the manual. I'm a Windows developer trying to use Mono C# environment. The application will be able to take a full screenshot, and a specific window shot in the first release. it would be easier if I could find a team to help being it back to life. It would also be helpful to have all of the old project files used to create it...


Thomas Corwin

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