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Re: Separate Lubuntu manual bzr repository?


On 06/09/2013 09:12 PM, Kevin Godby wrote:

> We could either create a branch called 'lubuntu-saucy' or you could
> create a separate project (e.g., lubuntu-manual) and create your own
> bzr repositories under that.

The first option sounds good to me.

> If we create a repository under the ubuntu-manual project for the
> Lubuntu manual, then everyone who is an ubuntu-manual team member
> would be able to commit to the lubuntu repository (for better or
> worse).

The Lubuntu Manual is likely to need all the experienced help it can get
from you Ubuntu Manual experts -- no problem there :)

> Conversely, if you create a separate project with its own
> repositories, you'd have to manage the team members of that project
> separately.

That's fine in terms of workload, but I think if we can stay "one team"
it will aid working together and help prevent any "them and us"
unnecessary division.

Can I create an lubuntu-saucy branch under ubuntu-manual, as a team
member (or do I need special admin rights)?  Hmmm, I probably can just
do it.  I'll try it, and see what happens!