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Re: Lubuntu Manual PDF can now be built


Hi Jonathon,

What I did was comment out the portions that set up bzr and installed
the texlive packages. After sending the email, I did a diff of the
files, and there were no differences between the saucy versions (and as
you mentioned, the texlive-pictures was the only difference between the
raring one and yours). I ran the install-pkgs.sh script manually and
everything checked out. 

I'll just chock it up to Murphy's Law or Schultz's Law and call it good.
I built the manual and it worked fine.

Have a great day.:)

On Thu, 2013-06-13 at 22:16 -0700, Jonathan Marsden wrote: 
> On 06/13/2013 11:18 AM, Patrick Dickey wrote:
> > I tweaked your script a little, as I've already got a Projects
> > directory and the upstream Tex-Live installed. When I ran the
> > install-pkgs.sh script as part of your script, it says that I don't
> > have any Tex-Live installed at all.
> The only thing I change in that script is the line that tries to install
> texlive-latex-pictures instead of texlive-pictures.  Otherwise, I am
> running the install-pkgs.sh script from the lp:ubuntu-manual repository
> (i.e. the one for saucy, the current default branch).
> Can you diff the two install-pkgs.sh files (one in
> ~/Projects/lubuntu-manual-saucy and one in
> ~/Projects/ubuntu-manual-raring) , and let us know how they differ?
> I'll try it myself here too, and see if I can find the difference.
> Incidentally, having a ~/Projects directory does not need any script
> tweaking, you just need to provide the working directory name as the
> first parameter to the script if you don't like my default of ~/projects :)
> The script is not intended for folks who already know enough to
> successfully install an unpackaged texlive, so you probably will need to
> hack it slightly to deal with that.
> It's an interesting bug, and we'll definitely look at it, but if you
> already have bzr and texlive all set up and working already, and like
> using ~/Projects , instead of running my lubuntu-manual-dev.sh script,
> just do
>   cd ~/Projects
>   bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/lubuntu-manual-saucy
> and you should be all set :)
> Thanks,
> Jonathan