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Re: Quickshot problems


I saw this issue as wishlist item on the bug tracker. Phill said me, Quickshot is more or less broken, so this has a very low priority. Please collect bugs and wishes on the tracker, so I won't forget it :-)

I'll test the app later this day and look what's to be done.


Am 14.06.2013 um 13:26 schrieb Patrick Dickey <pdickeybeta@xxxxxxxxx>:

> One thing that I'd like to see happen (if possible) is that instead of
> it creating a user called Quickshot, it creates the "John Doe" or
> whatever generic username is appropriate for the person's language. That
> will help for those people who already upgraded, and are using their
> main system for taking screenshots.
> Have a great day, and as Kevin said, thanks for any help you can
> provide. :)
> Patrick.

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