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Alt Left


It may depend on your keyboard layout. In Raring I have English (US with
dead keys) and on the keyboard layout chart I see this on the left
control keys: Shift L, Control L, Super L, Meta L, and Alt L.
So in my case Alt L means Left Alt. And when I press Alt Left, the HUD
opens up.
Of course this may be different when you choose another keyboard layout.
This might be something we should mention in our manual.
P.s. My apologies for changing the name of the subject, but I thought
this more appropriate.

Op 17-09-13 13:47, Enrico Rosina schreef:
> I'm inclined to think Patrick is right.
> I would also add that the "Alt" key alone seems to me as an "orphan
> key". I explain my opinion:
> When you press "A" or "Delete" or "Tab", the keyboard sends an event to
> the computer : hey, the user said: "A" (or Delete or Tab). Or at least
> the computer detects it as an event, I don't know.
> When you press the "Alt" key alone, in general nothing happens because
> normally you use it with something else. For instance the keyboard will
> wait until you press "A", and then the keyboard will send the event
> saying: hey, the user pressed the combination of those 2 keys (and
> transmits the addition of the binary code of Alt and the binary code of
> A).
> If it is does not work that way, then I don't understand, because when I
> press Alt-Tab to switch the window, I press first on the Alt, and then
> on the Tab. But at the moment when I press Alt there is no HUD opening
> itself until I press tab and the window changes.
> Does it make sense what I'm saying? Thank you to share your opinion and
> enhance my knowledge!
> Enrico