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Re: Xubuntu 14.10 second seat screen lock not working / gets stuck


(CCing the ubuntu-multiseat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list)

On 12/31/2014 09:56 AM, Schlomo Schapiro wrote:
> Hi,
> how / where can I  ask a question / file a bug? The mailing list is
> "members only" and the bug tracker also does not allow to open a new
> bug.

There are a few options:

  * Send an email ubuntu-multiseat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (you do not need
    to be a member of the mailing list to post to the mailing list).

  * Log in to Launchpad and click on the "Contact this team's members"
    link on the team page (<https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-multiseat>).

  * Subscribe the ubuntu-multiseat team to an existing bug report
    (from <https://bugs.launchpad.net/>).

  * Subscribe the ubuntu-multiseat team to an existing question
    (from <https://answers.launchpad.net/>).

(It'd be good if we had the above in a "Contact Us" wiki page.)

> I have the impression that Xubuntu 14.10 does not support screen locking
> on seats other than seat0.
> What I observe is that if the screen locks it goes to the "This session
> is locked. You'll be redirected ..." message but stays there forever. I
> suspect that the main reason is the fact that lightdm cannot start
> another X server on this seat (VT switching beeing supported only on
> seat0).
> I tried telling lightdm via a seat-specific configuration that it cannot
> to user switching. As a result locking does not work at all (also bad)
> and the seat stays dead after the users logs out.

The screen locker/saver should only attempt VT switching if you click on
the "switch users" button (VT switching isn't involved when just trying
to unlock the screen).  So my guess is that VT switching isn't related
to the problem you're having.

My guess is that the problem stems from the lack of logind support.  See:


According to that bug, logind integration is in plasma-workspace 5.x and
won't be backported to kde-workspace 4.x.

So, it looks like you might have to wait until Xubuntu 15.04 (Vivid
Vervet) before it will be usable, unless we can backport the logind
integration change [1] to the trusty and utopic kde-workspace-bin
packages (preferred) or backport the relevant KDE packages from vivid to
the ubuntu-multiseat PPA (probably too invasive).

You might be able to work around this by switching to a different screen
locker program.

> I'll be happy to help getting this fixed but don't even know where to
> start asking right now.

First, I recommend filing a bug report about this if there isn't one
already.  Subscribe ubuntu-multiseat.

Second, if you can, please try a 15.04 daily image to see if the problem
goes away:  <http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current/>

Third, if the problem goes away in vivid and you have some C++ and
Debian packaging experience you can try to backport the logind
integration change.  Or, maybe someone else has the time to try
backporting the change (unfortunately I don't), and you can help by
testing it from the ubuntu-multiseat PPA.



> Kind Regards,
> Schlomo Schapiro

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