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Re: Name Change from Ubuntu Phone to Ubuntu Mobile?


On 01/15/2012 02:54 PM, Alan Pope wrote:
On 13/01/12 15:58, Thomas Mashos wrote:
I think the project name is less important, as it's more specific to
developers. Someone wanting to make things specifically for the tablet
would probably look for Ubuntu Tablet (and likewise for phone and TV).
Marketing-wise, these all (phone, tablet, tv) will probably run
"Ubuntu Unity"


The name isn't vitally important right now. We're talking about running
an Ubuntu based system on a phone. We are also examining the tablet
space too, as well as TV. What it looks like eventually and how much of
the UI/core is shared between formats is still up in the air. For now
lets not worry about the name, and focus on what we want to see in a
phone and how it might function and look.



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