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Re: Addressing the lack of Trademark License for YouTube, Twitter and Facebook Core Apps


On 22.03.2013 22:36, Robert Bruce Park wrote:
On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 10:17:15PM +0100, Gilbert Röhrbein wrote:
It is so silent. Is there an open issue now? Are the core app
maintainers handle it? Is there a decision? I don't get it.

Thank you very much for responding! What I understood by reading your mail:

* Twitter Core App cancelled
* Facebook continues until Facebook says something
* Gwibber is full steam ahead


So what are you thinking about the UX problem, that people searching for Twitter, won't find the native app, though there is one – but they find the webapp instead?

Also, as a side question: where can I find out about the intended differences between Twitter Core App and Gwibber? Will Gwibber not be designed from the ground up with the Ubuntu Vision in mind and the Content found in services like Twitter?


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