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Ubuntu Touch Summary (week 13)


Hi Everyone,
Some great progress was made last week on Ubuntu Touch. Here are the
highlights of what landed in the image last week:

- Transition to Qt 5.0.1 complete. All apps and sdk have now been
cutover to use this latest version of Qt and packages in the ppa's have
been updated.

- New release of ubuntu-ui-toolkit landed (0.1.39~quantal1) with many
new features and bug fixes

- Work nearly finished on transition to Raring. Most packages have been
updated/rebased for Raring and uploaded to ppa. Expect a fresh Ubuntu
Touch Raring build soon!

- camera-app was simplified by Renato Filho to use the Screen component
for device rotation rather than the Sensors API. This fixed an issue
with the control layouts in landscape orientation.

- gallery-app updated by Guether Schwann
  -- added support for max texture size to display photos in the highest
resolution supported by the given hardware.
  -- fix for crash when opening a photo from the album view
  -- enabling of pinch to zoom
  -- using updated header and toolbar components from the newly released
  -- added toolbar in photos view
  -- implement add, delete and start camera functionality
- gallery-app had a variety of packaging updates done by Michael Terry

- maliit-framework/plugins (osk) updated by Thomas Moenicke
   -- merged with latest upstream maliit 0.94
   -- maliit-keyboard UI now QML based
   -- initial support added for both maliit-keyboard and nemo-keyboard
switchable by configuration. nemo is still the default until
maliit-keyboard is fully operational.

- notes-app updated by Ugo Riboni  
 -- Some code refactoring based on reviews
 -- Update text size in the toolbar
 -- Added animations to all transitions
 -- Updated to work with new SDK and Qt 5.0.1

- phone-app updated by Gustavo Boiko
 -- Use the updated SDK headers and toolbar components in DetailViews
 -- Optimize some list delegates by using a simpler version of them and
change the tab pages to be loaded asynchronously.
 -- Fixed crash during the contact search using ContactsSearchCombo by
Renato Filho
 -- Fix bug with sending text with empty string
 -- Fixed issue with "remove" button being too close to the edge in
Contacts Detail editing view.
 -- updated unit tests to avoid potential race conditions
- phone-app packaging updated by Michael Terry

- share-app runtime dependencies updated by Olivier Tilloy to work
correctly with Qt 5.0.1 and latest SDK.

- webbrowser-app updated by Olivier Tilloy
 -- Problem with progressive loading of pages identified as a regression
with qtwebkit as it's fixed in qtwebkit trunk. Work in progress to
cherry pick the fixes into 5.0.1 version.
 -- Allow running with stock QtWebKit as found in Ubuntu.
 -- Initial support for "smarter" address bar. Added states and updated
 -- Add support for <select> dropdowns.
 -- Work around the lack of support for handling hyperlinks with a
target attribute set to '_blank' in QtWebKit.
 -- Allow faster scrolling, by making the maximum flick velocity of
     the webview proportional to its height.

Also make sure to check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices, as the
list of supported devices keeps growing almost in a daily basis. Newly
added since last time was support for HTC Sensation 4G.

Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen!