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Desktop file tweaks


Hi everyone,

Just a heads up that the next release of the shell (hopefully in
tomorrow's image) will ask the applications lens daemon for Installed
category for Apps in the Dash. With that there's a few (potentially
temporary) tweaks to your apps' .desktop files.

If the app is Ubuntu-Touch-enabled, add:

> X-Ubuntu-Touch=true

But if the app shouldn't show up in the apps lens (share app, media
player), remember to add:

> NoDisplay=true

And if your app should launch in the side stage:

> X-Ubuntu-StageHint=SideStage

Obviously that's not complete (i.e. what if the app supports both Main
and Side stages?), but we'll get there, this is just the first step to
get apps launchable from the dash.

Michał Sawicz <michal.sawicz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Canonical Services Ltd.

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